So, This is me Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelsattar :D,  a politician that totally lost his way to engineering _IMG-20180323-WA0014.jpg

  • I think I can do anything in this world .
  • I have a very unbreakable will that helps me make my own luck. I’ve read a lot of books mainly political oriented ones
  • I speak 4 languages ( Arabic , English , French and slight Italian )
  • I played almost every sport out there , but I peaked in three ( goalkeeping , squash and boxing)
  • I was a professional goal keeper and had a lot of individual trophies ad many professional top league youth time offers
  • I currently play only boxing for 8 years now
  • videocapture_20180923-233546.jpg
  •  I’m a traveler I travel all around the globe every now and then , I was just attending the world cup a few months ago in Russia
  • _IMG-20180617-WA0056.jpg
  • I really one very proud Egyptian , I’m very proud of my people , my country, my home land and everything related to Egypt IMG-20160223-WA0050_1.jpg
  • One last thing about me , I think I’m a person that you will never forget in the near future 😉

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