#UnboundEq Exercise

#UnboundEq Exercise

It was my first day to attend the class I really didn’t know what to do or what we are going to do, it is my first day , the Dr. told us to take out our phones and open twitter , for me it was like opening the locked doors of the ancient pharaohs , I haven’t opened twitter for almost 5 years now , so it was amazing to go through the experience of twitter once again , in addition to the fact that I was so eager to know what class actually we are be using our mobiles in.

The name of the activity itself was a little bit blurry to me (  twitter scavenger hunt), I thought we will be searching for some keywords and catch a trend or something , what I have discovered later that we are joining a worldwide hashtag were people picture some objects and ask people if they can know the object , I did and finished all of the tasks Dr. Maha told us to do , I posted a pic and asked people what is it  , and I was surprised to the fact that people from around the globe were liking , retweeting and replying for my tweet



This is the photo I’ve posted, people started guessing what is it , a good amount of the respondents were able to identify what is , they said that it is a piece of fabric and it actually was just zooming in to my jeans. On a side note what I find interesting about this picture is that the fabric itself looks like people praying.


I was able to identify some pics, like the picture of the inverted fin , that was very famous among the class as it was easy to know, others posted pics for some objects in the class that was fast to grasp as well.


what I really did find interesting about this activity is the idea of interacting with people around the globe, people from all the world and actually some did just wake up to participate , it was like the world united just to have fun but on a smaller scale, people don’t know each other and having fun all together , furthermore it was my first class so it gave me the opportunity to blend in and know a few class mates. it was so interesting I’ve done all of the extra activities


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