Digital Literacies Assignment


At first I had a very few information or background definition for digital literacy, after reading the definition on Wikipedia  I think I had the opportunity to broaden the definition I had in the back of my mind , so I do think that the definition was helpful. I did a scan on twitter using the hashtag #DigLit , and one article took my attention, it was an article published by the newyork times called “ why the internet wants your baby to fail” written by Amanda Hess , it was a quite interesting  on how family and child vlogs affect today’s world and internet economy. A definition for digital literacy for example, The American Library Association’s digital-literacy task force offers this definition: “Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” ( ) , other refer to it as for example Cornell University offers a definition that works, but seems a bit limited, and dated as well: “Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet.” ( ). I couldn’t actually find a quite good definition for digital skills other that the one that says By this definition, digital skills are any skills related to being digitally literate. Anything from the ability to find out your high-score on Minesweeper to coding a website counts as a digital skill.
( However digital fluency is derived from the word ‘flow’ and when we think about being ‘fluent’ in any context, it refers to being flexible, accurate, efficient, and appropriate. In other words, the way we use skills, language and speech flows naturally and easily. In a digital context for learning, fluency involves using technologies “readily and strategically to learn, to work, and to play, and the infusion of technology in teaching and learning to improve outcomes for all student( . I believe that there isn’t that much difference between the three , all are on the digital platform they require almost no hard skills just how we interact with the digital world , for me I think the three are just three levels on how good you are first you start with being digitally illiterate , then you move on to the part where you have a bit of skill then you move to the digitally skilled part , ending by mastering the digital platform and being digitally fluent. Actually I don’t really think the article in POMO is reliable , for me it is my first time to hear about the site itself , other that the fact that Lisa Harrison the one who wrote the article is a scholar to take the definitions she wrote for granted on last very important this is that the site itself is considered to be “ NOT SAFE “ by google chrome , so no it’s nor a reliable source, and when it comes to rating the quality of the paper I wont really say that it is bad however it would be average. For me digital literacy’s definition  is very simple not sophisticated one , in a nutshell it means that you know how digitally things go on how to use the digital tools and how to avoid the harms of it , it doesn’t take a genius to go through the digital world , but a normal person who has the basic foundations of common sense.

Reflecting on Dr. Maha’s videos it’s is quite interesting that I wrote my opinion on how the tree stages of media are correlated before watching the video , I totally agree with Dr.Maha we almost share the same definition, however I totally disagree with the student who brought the idea that before driving the care  should know the mechanics of the car , that statement is totally wrong there are millions of great drivers out there who can drive like a pro and know nothing about the mechanics of a car, so this statement is wrong.

Finally I came to reading the article , Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both by Dr. Maha after doing the research and seeing the video , needn’t to say the same things I have said about the difference of the three categories, I have a different point of view while reading the article it seemed that as if i’m in class and that grasped my attention to a very important issue , i thought that we are just doing activities to interact with the outer world however it is the other way around we were indirectly being taught about digital literacy and skills for the whole past month, I almost agree with what is written in the article as for me the past month was very beneficial for me either throughout the information i had through presentations and class discussions was so helpful to reshape my idea about how safe the digital world we’re living in now and how to take care not to fall in harm within it, and yes i’ll be leaving this class having a lot to take with throughout the years.



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