Empathy and Bias

In my opinion i believe that we are all bias , it’s not something we choose it’s something we are born with it’s a human instinct or a trait that has been carried forward throughout our ancestors. We are more likely to favor or choose people that look like us when compared to other group of people.

If we are at a war for example we tend to favor the strong over the weak , in job interviews we tend to favor the smart over the average. That’s the basic bias , bias is always present and will forever be there.

The video we had to watch in class actually helped me to widen my thoughts to the basic concepts of being biased , and especially the picture that represented nothing but we all saw it in the way we are all biased to.

Bias and empathy if related together will for sure be productive because for example being bias to only the strong for example will make the weak weaker however if we were to be biased to the strong and showed empathy to the weak he might become strong one day , i think this is the meaning of the example the person in the video gave when he refused to accept an employee just because he was fat but he told him to come next year and if he lost weight he will be automatically hired.

So Bias is something within our personalities and unconscious mind , but what we must add is the idea of empathy just to be productive people who actually do care about the society and not only themselves.

One thought on “Empathy and Bias

  1. Hi Mohamed. Choosing smart over not smart is not bias. Bias is when you assume someone is less smart because they are fat, old, female, dark-skinned, or any other characteristic that has nothing directly to do with intelligence. So I don’t think you got it completely 🙂


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