Game , Phase 2

So the game I’m planning to design is called a football quiz or football game. It’s a game where me and my friend Nada are going to design together, the game from its name might sound silly or childish, however the game is designed to tackle several personal challenges. First of all , when I played some of the quizzes online or from the previous class , they were all dark themed they were so dark so sad , I wanted something new , something that gives and builds a motive, something in a nutshell isn’t dark. I’m not gonna reveal the game itself now , however it’s about how a person will keep a tight grip on his thoughts , although being projected to all of the bullying, hardships , mocking and being laughed at , how strong a person will still believe in his belief , and how the person taking the game will react towards all of this situations , will he continue holding tight on his belief or will just go with the flow. The game has no specific two ways you choose a path and this path takes you to another two paths and so on. As mentioned the situations will be designed to examine how does peer pressure affects person’s decision and how being odd is so irritating and is it better to have a near short term happiness or is it better to have a far long lasting one, and finally it test a person’s resistance . All of the game is based on 10 years of personal experience that’s why I think it will be a blend of both fun and emotions where the person taking the quiz will be able to feel it.


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