Game 1st Draft

The game is basically designed for that the player would experience how a different from a different age would actually think like, the the game has a various paths and various choices to choose from , but it is designed so that it would have like path A and Path B. The game first starts with introducing the character until he reaches a point where an unpleasant event occurs, at this point the player will have to decide what to do in response of this event and it will highly affect the life of the character of the game. The  game tackles the concept of persistence, self believing , stress and anxiety and other feelings.


Here’s a link for the game:


I would like to request from my fellow colleagues about their opinion , first on the game as a whole, and on the part of whether it’s a good idea to be a lose or win game or not like how much the choice you do in an instance of your life how would that affect the upcoming years







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