My contribution to this course will be in the form of a video , a video that I came across while doing my research for the podcast, a video that I really think will highly relate to the course’s main theme which is digital illiteracy and one of the most important topics we’ve discussed in class which was Internet Privacy.

This video  examines whether google is always listening to us while we are on the internet or not , a Youtuber named Michollow , decided to go live on you tube in front of millions of viewers and do a small experiment which was to go surf the net and random websites and see the ads on these websites , he surfed few websites and there wasn’t any pattern for the ads , he showed to the camera that he will later talk about dog toys but didn’t say it in the mic , what happened later that he went and talked for 2 minutes about dog toys , surprisingly after he finished his random talk about dog toys he surfed the net again throughout random websites as well , what he found that all the ads on these websites are all about dog toys. This experiment might not give us a decisive answer for whether Google is listening to us or not , but for sure it leaves the door open to a very long debate.

I think such a video will be so relevant to the  course specially the privacy part , what’s good about it is the fact that it is not edited it is live also , will be beneficial to the students taking the course to make them aware of what they do , talk  and share on social media or the internet as they might be tracked by a third party who will be using there information to his benefit without there consent.


Link to the video :


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