Final Reflection

So it seems like it is going to be my last blogpost :’). This course was very beneficial to me on the matters of social media and digital media on a larger scale, I got to know more about the darker sides of sharing info and how it can be used and manipulated for business needs and sometimes other reasons that might put one’s safety and info at a very high level of a risk.

The first thing I’ve learned and the most important thing for me was the privacy topic , and specifically how when we browse and look for things, how this information we look for is being tracked by a third party and by tracking this info the third party  is able to modify ads that will be viewed to me according to my interests and my search history . Before taking this course I had almost no idea on how ads and cookies work and how it’s easy for third parties to take our info legally as we have agreed before for this info to be shared as we agreed on the policy that we were too  lazy to read. I think now I have a better insight on how things work on digital media and now I can be cautious whenever sharing my private life on social media.

The second thing is, fake news, and how we can be easily fooled by fake news spread all around the internet, thanks to this course we have learned the main techniques and strategies to determine whether the news we see is fake or not that’s beside not to take all the information on social media and media for granted.

The last thing is empathy and bias, how bias are we towards people and how does this affect us as individuals and how does it affect large groups of people. In addition to the fact that there are people are born with things that they have nothing to do with and they didn’t choose  and they are treated less than any other person for such a thing and the class divided video was a perfect class exercise for this, where there was a group of boys were privileged for just the colors of their eyes and the others were mistreated and treated unequally for this. In addition I have learned a new term which is micro aggression.


There were a LOT of things that helped me learn a lot throughout this course , most importantly for me was the class discussion it was perfect condition for me not to only learn the material  but also to explore other aspects and how my friends think about things. In addition to the very interesting videos, I almost remember most of the videos we watched as they were really informative and interesting , in addition to the interactive class activities , and the online games that were soooo fun , where you had the chance to learn and have fun at the same time.


I think it would be beneficial to the students if we decrease the amount of blogposts and concerning Soliya it would be good if we decreased the amount of hours per session from 2 hours to one and to make attendance obligatory for only 2 out of 4. Other than that the course is perfect as well as our professor




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