Final Reflection

So it seems like it is going to be my last blogpost :’). This course was very beneficial to me on the matters of social media and digital media on a larger scale, I got to know more about the darker sides of sharing info and how it can be used and manipulated for business needs and sometimes other reasons that might put one’s safety and info at a very high level of a risk.

The first thing I’ve learned and the most important thing for me was the privacy topic , and specifically how when we browse and look for things, how this information we look for is being tracked by a third party and by tracking this info the third party  is able to modify ads that will be viewed to me according to my interests and my search history . Before taking this course I had almost no idea on how ads and cookies work and how it’s easy for third parties to take our info legally as we have agreed before for this info to be shared as we agreed on the policy that we were too  lazy to read. I think now I have a better insight on how things work on digital media and now I can be cautious whenever sharing my private life on social media.

The second thing is, fake news, and how we can be easily fooled by fake news spread all around the internet, thanks to this course we have learned the main techniques and strategies to determine whether the news we see is fake or not that’s beside not to take all the information on social media and media for granted.

The last thing is empathy and bias, how bias are we towards people and how does this affect us as individuals and how does it affect large groups of people. In addition to the fact that there are people are born with things that they have nothing to do with and they didn’t choose  and they are treated less than any other person for such a thing and the class divided video was a perfect class exercise for this, where there was a group of boys were privileged for just the colors of their eyes and the others were mistreated and treated unequally for this. In addition I have learned a new term which is micro aggression.


There were a LOT of things that helped me learn a lot throughout this course , most importantly for me was the class discussion it was perfect condition for me not to only learn the material  but also to explore other aspects and how my friends think about things. In addition to the very interesting videos, I almost remember most of the videos we watched as they were really informative and interesting , in addition to the interactive class activities , and the online games that were soooo fun , where you had the chance to learn and have fun at the same time.


I think it would be beneficial to the students if we decrease the amount of blogposts and concerning Soliya it would be good if we decreased the amount of hours per session from 2 hours to one and to make attendance obligatory for only 2 out of 4. Other than that the course is perfect as well as our professor




My contribution to this course will be in the form of a video , a video that I came across while doing my research for the podcast, a video that I really think will highly relate to the course’s main theme which is digital illiteracy and one of the most important topics we’ve discussed in class which was Internet Privacy.

This video  examines whether google is always listening to us while we are on the internet or not , a Youtuber named Michollow , decided to go live on you tube in front of millions of viewers and do a small experiment which was to go surf the net and random websites and see the ads on these websites , he surfed few websites and there wasn’t any pattern for the ads , he showed to the camera that he will later talk about dog toys but didn’t say it in the mic , what happened later that he went and talked for 2 minutes about dog toys , surprisingly after he finished his random talk about dog toys he surfed the net again throughout random websites as well , what he found that all the ads on these websites are all about dog toys. This experiment might not give us a decisive answer for whether Google is listening to us or not , but for sure it leaves the door open to a very long debate.

I think such a video will be so relevant to the  course specially the privacy part , what’s good about it is the fact that it is not edited it is live also , will be beneficial to the students taking the course to make them aware of what they do , talk  and share on social media or the internet as they might be tracked by a third party who will be using there information to his benefit without there consent.


Link to the video :

Bonus Assignment

So the first task was a web assignment task to find something on Amazon that would help me in the case of an apocalypse. I found this :

I think it has everything I might want in a case of an  apocalypse; a knife so that i can defend myself with and might cut things that will help me survive like food and so on, a compass to know the directions where to go to and etc…, a flash light to guide me through the darkness and many other things listed in the link.

And these are 6 GIFs from my best show ever FRIENDS

giphy (3)


Solyia Reflection

My Soliya experience was quite enjoyable , for a person like me I really like the idea of interacting with people from different parts of the globe , people I don’t know and people that have new ideas and a different mindset.

I have attended only two sessions, and they were quite enjoyable , the moderator was quite friendly and helpful , my group was also so fun most of them were from Tunisia. My first session I remember we talked about where do we come from and what do we think people from outside  expect us to be and what we expect from ourselves, it was interesting to hear how these people from different continents think of themselves and how do they think of us

The second session we talked about whether it is applicable for us to totally eliminate racism from the world or if it is applicable or not we also discussed the concept of capital punishment and whether it is beneficial or not.

Also I would like to share the experience of one of my friends , he says that he really enjoyed the experience as the group had a perfect diversity and as they all wanted to know more about each other  where they come from and how do they think , they talked about racism , sexual harassment and violence against woman.  the group had one from Nigeria and one from Finland, Italy and Tunisia.  He says that it was a great experience  and he waited every week for it and they are all still in touch as they have a Facebook group where they chat on.

Another Friend of mine also shares her experience by saying that , at first she didn’t enjoy the program as it was so hectic and there was a lot of technical issues , which lead her to miss out her first two sessions. when she joined  the last two sessions  she really enjoyed it as the moderator was so helpful and she made sure everyone participates and she was very helpful. The topics they discussed were about the environment like plastic wastes and water consumption and some one religion and gender equality. The conversion about the environment were dry however the topics about gender and homosexuality they were a bit intense especially when religion gets into the topic. overall she enjoyed the experience a lot even though   it was a two hour long session , time flew by so fast

Finally for me the experience was perfect , I had a very friendly , open minded group they engaged a lot and everything was more than perfect, even the discussions were so enjoyable , I totally ready and willing to repeat this experience again, but my comments will be as follows , it would be better if it was just 1 hour long and it was earlier in the semester before we get busy in final projects and stuff , however overall the experience was great.

Do Not Track

So in this assignment I had to watch three videos total from three episode. The first two mainly and directly talked about being tracked and spied on from the internet makers and other third parties, while the last episode was introducing the idea of how computers would highly affect our privacy.

The first episode was called morning rituals , it mainly discussed the morning daily routine of a girl on the internet , she mentioned that waking up and going on the internet became like a routine or an addiction, she said that the amount of time she spares on any website is being tracked by a third party that collects information about her , and that third party connects loops and relations between the websites she visited and by that they can track her interest and needs. She mentioned in the end a very important statement which was that the internet takes more from her than she takes from it. The idea of a third party tracking whatever I do on the internet is what I mainly took with from the video.

The second episode was named ” Breaking the ad “, for me it was so enjoying to get to know how cookies first started how they failed in the beginning as ads and then they introduced the idea of a cookie that is installed on your computer and how these cookies will always be there even if you un-install them they re-install themselves again and how they are capable of not just tracking the websites you visit but your interests as well. Also I liked the idea that they gave use the amount we are expecting to pay if we wanted to have a free ad facebook , I chose 0$ and at the end the said that I pay nothing for them but they get 9.45$ from my data , the basic concept of that nothing is for free was implemented really well in this episode

The last episode was about changing the future , the episode was mainly talking about the early days of the computer and how people who created the computer and the Internet predicted the days where these devices and tools will actually be a hazard to our privacy, even though people who created the internet denied this at first, the idea of getting a clear image of the future is easy to predict if we get to know the past really well.


The interactive side of the game was pretty enjoyable , information passed smother than I expected, I really liked the activity and I enjoyed the videos and the new info  I knew.

Equity Blogpost

Watching the video of class divided for me was very very interesting. although a lot of my colleges saw the video as unethical as it is not fair to test children from that age with a very tough experiment like this.

For me I saw it from a totally different angle , I saw it from the perspective of examining the nature of the human brain , it tickles our dormant human instincts. like how kids that age would react to racial discrimination based on the color of their eyes , how would they react and how would they use this privilege  that they have in hands. what makes these kids special is the fact that their minds are not yet polluted with negative thoughts or ideas , they are just pure souls and minds that only use their untouched instincts to go through daily life situations .

I was surprised with the reaction of the kids at first on how would they accept racism , for me it was surprising , but I was so eager to know the reaction of the kids when the roles were reversed , the kids who were discriminated against at first when they had the privilege  they showed more aggression towards the kids who discriminated them. This shows for me that the human instinct leans towards aggression  and revenge.

Finally for me this experiment was so enjoyable to watch and so intuitive to learn from. In addition I would strongly encourage such experiments to be present in the future as it will help us know and determine how the human mind operates before adding anything to it.


Here’s a link for the video :


So the game is called in it to win it , the name itself in the beginning might be childish a bit , however it’s not a match you’re going to win its your identity which will be the biggest trophy you will win. The game is based on a true story that happened to me, that mainly focuses on how a person or in this situation a child would react to bullying and peer pressure and how some simple choices would affect your life years later. The game is designed in a friendly way where the child reacts to the peer pressure that surrounds him and how he trusts his own belief and his own self by choosing which team would he stand for. The game is based on the landscape of football and choosing which team, but that is not the main intention of the game, the core of the game is on how this child would react to the surrounding atmosphere, and most importantly how do we, if we were in the same position react to peer pressure and bullying.


That game has totally changed compared to the first draft, in the first draft we have just introduced the character we didn’t implement the ideas like peer pressure and values and bullying now it’s like a new game, with more scenarios and more critical choices.


I think if I had more time, I wouldn’t really add something significant  maybe a scenario or two more.


I didn’t really learn something big, because the problem is mine and I have experienced it in more details so, nothing really will differ from the moral of the story. Maybe knowing how to make a game itself and how to create scenarios, those might be the most important things I have been taught or learned .


Here’s the link for the game :


Game 1st Draft

The game is basically designed for that the player would experience how a different from a different age would actually think like, the the game has a various paths and various choices to choose from , but it is designed so that it would have like path A and Path B. The game first starts with introducing the character until he reaches a point where an unpleasant event occurs, at this point the player will have to decide what to do in response of this event and it will highly affect the life of the character of the game. The  game tackles the concept of persistence, self believing , stress and anxiety and other feelings.


Here’s a link for the game:


I would like to request from my fellow colleagues about their opinion , first on the game as a whole, and on the part of whether it’s a good idea to be a lose or win game or not like how much the choice you do in an instance of your life how would that affect the upcoming years






Game , Phase 2

So the game I’m planning to design is called a football quiz or football game. It’s a game where me and my friend Nada are going to design together, the game from its name might sound silly or childish, however the game is designed to tackle several personal challenges. First of all , when I played some of the quizzes online or from the previous class , they were all dark themed they were so dark so sad , I wanted something new , something that gives and builds a motive, something in a nutshell isn’t dark. I’m not gonna reveal the game itself now , however it’s about how a person will keep a tight grip on his thoughts , although being projected to all of the bullying, hardships , mocking and being laughed at , how strong a person will still believe in his belief , and how the person taking the game will react towards all of this situations , will he continue holding tight on his belief or will just go with the flow. The game has no specific two ways you choose a path and this path takes you to another two paths and so on. As mentioned the situations will be designed to examine how does peer pressure affects person’s decision and how being odd is so irritating and is it better to have a near short term happiness or is it better to have a far long lasting one, and finally it test a person’s resistance . All of the game is based on 10 years of personal experience that’s why I think it will be a blend of both fun and emotions where the person taking the quiz will be able to feel it.

Reflection on Digital Games Phase 1

So actually this post is to reflect about the 5 online gamed I played. the five games I played were Spent , BBC Syrian journey, sleep Deprived moms, gender equality and animal rights . in each paragraph I will be discussing each game and how really I felt it.

Starting with spent , spent is the only game that I really like the most , I really felt the whole atmosphere the choices were so good and the money tracker on the top added a lot of credibility to the game and also to keep track on how much money you have was very important also although the theme color was very dark the game itself wasn’t it was so enjoyable and it was good to know that if i was in a hardship I would save money to go  strong through all the month.

BBC Syrian journey, although the game was published by a very reputable news news agency , although I survived me and my family and went to Greece, I really didn’t like the game as much as I have liked spent , I felt it as if it is an article that you write not a game you played the words were too long too read to an extent you might forget  the previous situation, however it was so beneficial to give a brief insight on how Syrian refugees live the cruel life from all directions and how tough there decisions might be.

Sleep Deprived moms, it was one of the games that I really enjoyed a lot , the professor made this game with full emotions to an extent her emotions passed to me , whenever I choose a situation and I get an answer I visualize the professor talking to us on how hard it is to raise up a child, it was a blend of seriousness and comedy  , it was so enjoyable I really didn’t want it to end , maybe because this the only game that was personal referenced.

Gender equality, a game that I really wanted to end as fast as possible , a game that was made by a person might be an extremist , the whole game was oriented towards people giving hate speeches towards a girl , even her female teacher gave her tough talk because she is a girl , how come ? what I felt that the game was so violent doesn’t reflect reality and losses the main or core aim of the game is to put me in someones shoes for real not theoretically.

Animal rights, I think it was a last minute game made , the game actually ended so fast , it really didn’t put me in the right atmosphere to play or to choose , I didn’t get the idea the conclusion itself was- for me – far beyond the game really was oriented , also the idea us as the dogs is good and to discover that at the end as a plot twist was nice but the game itself wasn’t really beneficial.


At the end most of the games really succeeded in delivering the main point of the game , is to put the one who is taking the quiz  in the shoes of someone’s else life and take choices and decisions that will totally affect  your next step , it is always good to be in someone’s else shoes it’s always good to see from different perspectives as it will help in viewing life in a wider vision.


I’ll be doing a game as well but it isn’t as dark as some of the games stay tuned as it will end very soon and here is the link for it check it every now and then to see whether it’s done or not. here’s the link.