Reflection on Digital Games Phase 1

So actually this post is to reflect about the 5 online gamed I played. the five games I played were Spent , BBC Syrian journey, sleep Deprived moms, gender equality and animal rights . in each paragraph I will be discussing each game and how really I felt it.

Starting with spent , spent is the only game that I really like the most , I really felt the whole atmosphere the choices were so good and the money tracker on the top added a lot of credibility to the game and also to keep track on how much money you have was very important also although the theme color was very dark the game itself wasn’t it was so enjoyable and it was good to know that if i was in a hardship I would save money to go  strong through all the month.

BBC Syrian journey, although the game was published by a very reputable news news agency , although I survived me and my family and went to Greece, I really didn’t like the game as much as I have liked spent , I felt it as if it is an article that you write not a game you played the words were too long too read to an extent you might forget  the previous situation, however it was so beneficial to give a brief insight on how Syrian refugees live the cruel life from all directions and how tough there decisions might be.

Sleep Deprived moms, it was one of the games that I really enjoyed a lot , the professor made this game with full emotions to an extent her emotions passed to me , whenever I choose a situation and I get an answer I visualize the professor talking to us on how hard it is to raise up a child, it was a blend of seriousness and comedy  , it was so enjoyable I really didn’t want it to end , maybe because this the only game that was personal referenced.

Gender equality, a game that I really wanted to end as fast as possible , a game that was made by a person might be an extremist , the whole game was oriented towards people giving hate speeches towards a girl , even her female teacher gave her tough talk because she is a girl , how come ? what I felt that the game was so violent doesn’t reflect reality and losses the main or core aim of the game is to put me in someones shoes for real not theoretically.

Animal rights, I think it was a last minute game made , the game actually ended so fast , it really didn’t put me in the right atmosphere to play or to choose , I didn’t get the idea the conclusion itself was- for me – far beyond the game really was oriented , also the idea us as the dogs is good and to discover that at the end as a plot twist was nice but the game itself wasn’t really beneficial.


At the end most of the games really succeeded in delivering the main point of the game , is to put the one who is taking the quiz  in the shoes of someone’s else life and take choices and decisions that will totally affect  your next step , it is always good to be in someone’s else shoes it’s always good to see from different perspectives as it will help in viewing life in a wider vision.


I’ll be doing a game as well but it isn’t as dark as some of the games stay tuned as it will end very soon and here is the link for it check it every now and then to see whether it’s done or not. here’s the link.










Empathy and Bias

In my opinion i believe that we are all bias , it’s not something we choose it’s something we are born with it’s a human instinct or a trait that has been carried forward throughout our ancestors. We are more likely to favor or choose people that look like us when compared to other group of people.

If we are at a war for example we tend to favor the strong over the weak , in job interviews we tend to favor the smart over the average. That’s the basic bias , bias is always present and will forever be there.

The video we had to watch in class actually helped me to widen my thoughts to the basic concepts of being biased , and especially the picture that represented nothing but we all saw it in the way we are all biased to.

Bias and empathy if related together will for sure be productive because for example being bias to only the strong for example will make the weak weaker however if we were to be biased to the strong and showed empathy to the weak he might become strong one day , i think this is the meaning of the example the person in the video gave when he refused to accept an employee just because he was fat but he told him to come next year and if he lost weight he will be automatically hired.

So Bias is something within our personalities and unconscious mind , but what we must add is the idea of empathy just to be productive people who actually do care about the society and not only themselves.

Digital Literacies Assignment


At first I had a very few information or background definition for digital literacy, after reading the definition on Wikipedia  I think I had the opportunity to broaden the definition I had in the back of my mind , so I do think that the definition was helpful. I did a scan on twitter using the hashtag #DigLit , and one article took my attention, it was an article published by the newyork times called “ why the internet wants your baby to fail” written by Amanda Hess , it was a quite interesting  on how family and child vlogs affect today’s world and internet economy. A definition for digital literacy for example, The American Library Association’s digital-literacy task force offers this definition: “Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” ( ) , other refer to it as for example Cornell University offers a definition that works, but seems a bit limited, and dated as well: “Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet.” ( ). I couldn’t actually find a quite good definition for digital skills other that the one that says By this definition, digital skills are any skills related to being digitally literate. Anything from the ability to find out your high-score on Minesweeper to coding a website counts as a digital skill.
( However digital fluency is derived from the word ‘flow’ and when we think about being ‘fluent’ in any context, it refers to being flexible, accurate, efficient, and appropriate. In other words, the way we use skills, language and speech flows naturally and easily. In a digital context for learning, fluency involves using technologies “readily and strategically to learn, to work, and to play, and the infusion of technology in teaching and learning to improve outcomes for all student( . I believe that there isn’t that much difference between the three , all are on the digital platform they require almost no hard skills just how we interact with the digital world , for me I think the three are just three levels on how good you are first you start with being digitally illiterate , then you move on to the part where you have a bit of skill then you move to the digitally skilled part , ending by mastering the digital platform and being digitally fluent. Actually I don’t really think the article in POMO is reliable , for me it is my first time to hear about the site itself , other that the fact that Lisa Harrison the one who wrote the article is a scholar to take the definitions she wrote for granted on last very important this is that the site itself is considered to be “ NOT SAFE “ by google chrome , so no it’s nor a reliable source, and when it comes to rating the quality of the paper I wont really say that it is bad however it would be average. For me digital literacy’s definition  is very simple not sophisticated one , in a nutshell it means that you know how digitally things go on how to use the digital tools and how to avoid the harms of it , it doesn’t take a genius to go through the digital world , but a normal person who has the basic foundations of common sense.

Reflecting on Dr. Maha’s videos it’s is quite interesting that I wrote my opinion on how the tree stages of media are correlated before watching the video , I totally agree with Dr.Maha we almost share the same definition, however I totally disagree with the student who brought the idea that before driving the care  should know the mechanics of the car , that statement is totally wrong there are millions of great drivers out there who can drive like a pro and know nothing about the mechanics of a car, so this statement is wrong.

Finally I came to reading the article , Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both by Dr. Maha after doing the research and seeing the video , needn’t to say the same things I have said about the difference of the three categories, I have a different point of view while reading the article it seemed that as if i’m in class and that grasped my attention to a very important issue , i thought that we are just doing activities to interact with the outer world however it is the other way around we were indirectly being taught about digital literacy and skills for the whole past month, I almost agree with what is written in the article as for me the past month was very beneficial for me either throughout the information i had through presentations and class discussions was so helpful to reshape my idea about how safe the digital world we’re living in now and how to take care not to fall in harm within it, and yes i’ll be leaving this class having a lot to take with throughout the years.




So, This is me Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelsattar :D,  a politician that totally lost his way to engineering _IMG-20180323-WA0014.jpg

  • I think I can do anything in this world .
  • I have a very unbreakable will that helps me make my own luck. I’ve read a lot of books mainly political oriented ones
  • I speak 4 languages ( Arabic , English , French and slight Italian )
  • I played almost every sport out there , but I peaked in three ( goalkeeping , squash and boxing)
  • I was a professional goal keeper and had a lot of individual trophies ad many professional top league youth time offers
  • I currently play only boxing for 8 years now
  • videocapture_20180923-233546.jpg
  •  I’m a traveler I travel all around the globe every now and then , I was just attending the world cup a few months ago in Russia
  • _IMG-20180617-WA0056.jpg
  • I really one very proud Egyptian , I’m very proud of my people , my country, my home land and everything related to Egypt IMG-20160223-WA0050_1.jpg
  • One last thing about me , I think I’m a person that you will never forget in the near future 😉

#UnboundEq Exercise

#UnboundEq Exercise

It was my first day to attend the class I really didn’t know what to do or what we are going to do, it is my first day , the Dr. told us to take out our phones and open twitter , for me it was like opening the locked doors of the ancient pharaohs , I haven’t opened twitter for almost 5 years now , so it was amazing to go through the experience of twitter once again , in addition to the fact that I was so eager to know what class actually we are be using our mobiles in.

The name of the activity itself was a little bit blurry to me (  twitter scavenger hunt), I thought we will be searching for some keywords and catch a trend or something , what I have discovered later that we are joining a worldwide hashtag were people picture some objects and ask people if they can know the object , I did and finished all of the tasks Dr. Maha told us to do , I posted a pic and asked people what is it  , and I was surprised to the fact that people from around the globe were liking , retweeting and replying for my tweet



This is the photo I’ve posted, people started guessing what is it , a good amount of the respondents were able to identify what is , they said that it is a piece of fabric and it actually was just zooming in to my jeans. On a side note what I find interesting about this picture is that the fabric itself looks like people praying.


I was able to identify some pics, like the picture of the inverted fin , that was very famous among the class as it was easy to know, others posted pics for some objects in the class that was fast to grasp as well.


what I really did find interesting about this activity is the idea of interacting with people around the globe, people from all the world and actually some did just wake up to participate , it was like the world united just to have fun but on a smaller scale, people don’t know each other and having fun all together , furthermore it was my first class so it gave me the opportunity to blend in and know a few class mates. it was so interesting I’ve done all of the extra activities